The Best in Show
Glorious sunshine, wedding celebrations, holidays and time with friends and family meant August
flew by. Then it was all hands to the deck, making final preparations for our stand at Bucks County
The tradition of a County Show date back over 250 years in the UK. The first event was held in
Lancashire, by the Salford Agricultural Society. It is an opportunity for the rural, agricultural
community to meet and showcase their livestock, farming skills and produce. Spectators enjoy a
taste of the countryside, entertaining displays and a connection with nature.

Tea Tasting at Bucks County Show
Thursday 1 September marked Buckinghamshire’s 153 rd county show. In addition to the tractors, dog
shows, BMX rider displays and farm animals, were a selection of local stallholders, including Holy
Cow. On this occasion, we decided to focus on tea tasting and sales.
Autumn seemed to arrive overnight, so tea proved to be a wise decision. A dip in the temperature
gave added appeal to tea tasting and it was wonderful to welcome lots of people to our stall. Thank
you to everyone who came over for a chat, both visitors and stallholders, you made our day!
All flavours of tea were sampled throughout the day, including our Chic Lady Grey, which received a
Great Taste Award Star in the summer!
By far the most popular tea was Spiced Masala Chai; our best in show! Delicious and instantly
warming, it is a wonderful drink for Autumn and Winter. Our bespoke Chai is a blend of loose leaf,
black Assam tea with cinnamon, ginger, aniseed, cardamom, cloves and red peppercorns, with
safflower and sunflower petals. It’s always a big hit.
Original county shows are likely to have had a tea and cake stall, along with a baking competition,
but not Indian spiced tea, Jasmine infusions or Chinese green tea. It’s great that these events have
evolved to fully represent the local community. As with our tea, there is the perfect blend of
tradition with a modern twist.

We’re on the Hunt for Events
The buzz and interaction of events are something we relish, so we’re on the lookout for new
opportunities in 2023. Are you hosting a food & drink or gift event? As a fellow stallholder, what
events would you recommend? We know plenty is happening in Buckinghamshire and beyond, so
where should we go next?
Talking of events, the Holy Cow Community team is now busy finalising the details for the Aylesbury
Festival of Lights on Sunday 30 October 22. You are invited to join this community celebration,
which promises music, dance and an early evening lantern parade. The event will take place in the
gardens of the Discover Bucks Museum.

Have you visited the Discover Bucks Museum?
Aylesbury’s Discover Bucks Museum has been refurbished, have you visited it? If so, you may have
spotted me, Poonam, in the collection of black and white images, showing the faces of
Buckinghamshire through time. As an organiser of the Festival of Lights community event and a local
business owner, I was delighted to be part of this project.
The new displays focus not simply on displaying artefacts but on highlighting their connection with
the people and places that form our community. From mammoth teeth excavated from College Lake and Roman busts discovered in Stoke Mandeville, to the birds and butterflies that can be spotted in
our gardens, there is plenty to see.
Whilst there, why not enjoy the museum café? They are one of the latest stockists of Holy Cow tea,
so you can enjoy a premium cuppa!
Get in touch with me, Poonam, if your café, restaurant or shop is interested in stocking Holy Cow
Teas. Equally let me know about those upcoming events!